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This site is dedicated to creating and promoting a transgender positive world.

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When Transtastic You!! first went live in January, I had hoped to make it a place for the trans community to share who we are. Turns out sites for trans* people are booming! Yay!  Also, my own LGBTQ+ and TG advocacy roles are expanding quickly. Another "Yay!"  So - I'm modifying this site to something more personal. I want those of you who meet me in person to have an idea of all I hope to achieve. Thanks for your encouragement and support in SO many ways. 


Transtastic Tales

A collection of news articles, stories, art, literature, and family tips that highlight our transgender best.

(under construction)

Advice for parents of transgender children

Accidental Parenting - The partner of a transgender woman talks about stepping into the role of mother.

The Light Love of the LGBTQ Community

Transtastic You Dolls

Boy on one side and girl on the other - these lovingly handcrafted dolls are THE PERFECT GIFT for your transgender child or as a TEACHING TOOL for educators and therapists!

Wow! Isn't life hard enough just being a teen, much less trans?? See the world through the amazing hearts of trans-teens.

Corey Maison Anti-Bullying Message

Spiritual and psychological perspectives on transgender wellness

God Doesn't Have Boobs - Laurie Suzanne Scott

Links to products created or sold by transgender entrepreneurs.

Writing, cartooning, profession, advocacy.