Celebrating Trans-Positive Life!
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Our Story

Transgender people are AMAZING!

We are so uniquely amazing that we need our own word:


The goal of this site is simple: brighten and shine our transgender light.

It seems that just about anytime our tribe is in the news, it has to do with the very real dark and difficult challenges we face. I applaud the advocacy groups and bloggers and activists that are pouring sweat and blood and money and time into making our voice heard. Amen to them. A thousand blessings upon them. Seriously.

But where do you go when you've fought the daily battle?  Where do you go to find out how things are improving? Where do you go to be with your own people and share your successes?  Where is our Casa Susanna?

This site is an ever-growing collection of all the things that are amazing and encouraging about being transgender. It is an online oasis of hope for our Transtastic Transgender Tribe.

Welcome, dear sister-brother and brother-sister. Click through the files and add your comments. Be encouraged and refreshed by your extended trans-family.


"We're not just transgender, we're TRANSTASTIC!