Celebrating Trans-Positive Life!


How much more true for we who are transgender?! 
Our inner-self is nearly incomprehensible for even us to understand, much less explain to others.
What better medium to express the deep significance of who we are than art?
— Tuesday Smillie

Jayne County

County has made art using any means available to vent emotions and express herself in ways more intimate than her music. Now, Participant Inc. is presenting over 80 of her works, spanning 1982 to 2017. The exhibition is an exciting revelation, a discovery of a major body of work that is difficult to categorize. With an abundance of dots and circles, these modest-sized paintings, drawings, and collages might be compared to works by Yayoi Kusama, but their quirky sensibility is closer to Henry Darger or others mislabeled as “outsider artists.” Penises abound, but the overall impression is not gratuitously shocking. Instead, County’s works are heartfelt and poignant, even when she is taking aim at enemies or deflating celebrity egos.

Full story here: Hyperallergic


Laxmi Sioux

is a 37 year old Transwoman who uses art as a therapeutic tool as well as a coping mechanism. She found after experiencing some freedom from processing her works with professional therapists, that she incredibly enjoyed the creating of art.

Soon after she started Interrobang!? An Artist collective with the purpose of building an online community of LGBT Artist who could support and encourage each other during the artistic process and also to use their combined talents to benefit the greater LGBT community.

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"The international photographer Del LaGrace Volcano...

has over a thirty-year period made a consistent subject of gender variance, sexual connectedness, and body mutations.   Self named as a ‘part-time gender terrorist,’ and intentional mutation, Volcano's photography has staged the constructedness of gender and the rich diversity of body morphologies available to those who are really willing to look, in ways that have resonated deeply with -- and moreover that have often preceded, influenced and crucially brought together  -- emerging lesbian, queer, trans and intersex theories.  Volcano is exceptional as a photographer and thinker in being concerned to show gender/sex as both highly performative and intimately embodied.  Herm’s work has thus spoken across nature/nurture debates in trans, intersex and queer studies.  In herm’s own gender journey, gender is not so much transformed as transmogrified as I have argued elsewhere, that is,  metamorphosed constantly, its strangeness repeatedly elucidated.  More than any other artist, Volcano’s oeuvre has presented queer, trans and intersex people as subjects rather than objects, since herm’s images are created through looks of identification, affiliation and desire exchanged between the sitter and the photographer.  Volcano has approached photography knowingly as a kind of mirror –  a hard plastic surface for identification and love." Dr. Jay Prosser 2015

See more here: http://www.dellagracevolcano.com/



This artist based in Brooklyn employs watercolor techniques, collages, textiles, and multimedia to explore the politics of transgender and feminism. Born in Boston, she has always used art as a form of protest and celebration. She seeks to honor her loved ones and the iconic symbols of the queer and feministic cultures. 

Transgender collage.jpg


Study on being transgender.

Artist Unknown.

Zackary Drucker

Relationship chronicles Zackary Drucker and Rhys Ernst’s private moments as an opposite-oriented transgender couple, during which time Ernst transitioned from female to male and Drucker transitioned from male to female. The series of photographs positions the document as a malleable tool for producing narrative and counter-narrative form, through snapshots that depict the artists in various states of attachment and moments of solitude.

Purchase a copy of the Relationship book here.

For more on Zackary Drucker visit her website at www.zackarydrucker.com

Justin Hubbell


Build a Boy

A series of comics that showcase the daily experiences (and sometimes harsh realities) of being a boy in a society that doesn’t always see you as one.

Find them all at Cartoons from Build a Boy Workshop on Tumblr.


The Transfigure Project

Leon Mostovoy is a transgender artist who has been creating on the front lines of the queer and political art movements for decades. Formerly Tracy, Mostovoy started his queer art career producing erotic images for On Our Backs magazine in the early 1980s. Mostovoy’s most recent projects explore transgender identity, transformation, sexuality, and gender roles in contemporary U.S. society. His earlier photographic series have explored the struggles and triumphs of women as they strive for strength and independence living outside the parameters of heteronormative expectations. His installation “Death Of My Daughter” was shown in Romania in 2011 to encourage awareness and acceptance in/of their transgender community. In 2011, Leon presented his first retrospective, “(My) Queer (R)evolution,” at Temple University in Philadelphia. He has had over 50 shows, including solo and group photography and multi-media exhibitions. His work from the 1980-90’s was inducted into the ONE Archives, the largest LGBT in the world in January 2015 accompanied by an opening exhibition of his 1987-88 “Market Street Cinema” photography series. For more information visit: leonmostovoy.com


Where's YOUR Work??

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