Celebrating Trans-Positive Life!

Salina Brett

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Salina is a compelling trainer, playful cartoonist, and social visionary.

Out late-in-life as transgender, Salina is inspired to be a national speaker and advocate for the transgender community and spiritual encourager for the LGBTQ community, at large. She is passionate in her belief that the LGBTQ community possesses a uniquely inherent love and acceptance of others that will become the next beacon of moral and spiritual Light to a nation growing ever polarized and darkened by fear, politics, and violence.

A whimsical cartoonist and gifted writer, Salina’s cartoons have been featured in Frock Magazine and her writing has won several minor awards. She is also involved with More Light – the LGBTQ advocates for the Presbyterian (USA) Church, and is Secretary of LGBT Equality Alliance of Chester County, PA.

Salina's Writing (Under Construction)

Short stories and novellas that I've written over the years.

Cartoon featured in Frock Magazine.

Cartoon featured in Frock Magazine.


One of my side-skills is cartooning. Some of my work is featured here. 

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Professional Skills (Under Construction)

Not a resume - rather, a synopsis of my professional skills, accomplishments, and loves.