Celebrating Trans-Positive Life!

The Transtastic You!! Doll


It all started when…

… I first came out publicly as transgender. More than living an authentic life, I wanted to make a difference in this world. In my search of online forums of all kinds, I happened across a PTK (Parents of Transgender Kids) forum on FaceBook. I read story after story of moms who were really struggling to understand their child and find ways to fully support them.

I drew this for the moms who love their trans kids!

I came out well over 50 years old. As I thought about the new generation, for whom there are role models, and language, and words, and therapy, and medical treatments, I wondered if there was some sort of doll that a child could identify with. Looking around the internet, I didn’t find anything that fit the bill. So … I searched for a doll artist who would be willing to try such an unusual thing. After a couple of rejections, one came through! Eszter lives in Hungary, but in this small world and interconnected world, it didn’t make a difference. She lovingly stitched the amazing Transtastic You!! dolls that you see today.


This unique and adorable transgender/gender-identity doll has TWO sides!

One side is a bright-eyed boy and the other is a precious girl. Sewn together with the handcrafted love of a skilled doll artist, these Transtastic You dolls are a delightful mix of the little girl and boy we all have within us.

Any child working through their gender identity will adore this doll! 

There is NO OTHER DOLL that combines the tender gender expressions of both a boy and girl in one doll. It is the ideal expression of the heart of a transgender child. 

These dolls are exceptionally popular with counselors & teachers who specializing gender identity and with moms & dads looking for that "extra special gift" to say "I love WHO you are, boy or girl or someone in-between."

Constructed of all-natural fabrics and fibers, the Transtastic You doll incorporates tight, durable machine stitching to hold the body intact with the loving care of hand-stitching to add the accents. 

The doll is tightly packed with batting, but sewn to allow swing movement with the hands and feet. 

Accompanying the doll is a laminated story card to help your child give the doll its own unique identity. It also includes a photo of the actual doll and is signed and numbered by Salina Brett to prove its authenticity.

Birthday, Christmas, or other special occasions - this doll is THE perfect gift for your transgender child.


All the Transtastic You!! Dolls can be purchased on my Etsy website.


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