Reaffirmation of Baptism

Reaffirmation of Baptism

I was thrilled today to be received into membership and renew my baptismal vows at my new home church: New Castle Presbyterian Church.


This is an important juncture for both my coming out and going forward into the world. I feel strongly called to be a voice of hope and inspiration to and for our transgender community. I want to bring Light wherever darkness is found. I believe that my decision will both help me by having a supportive and caring community, but that it will also help others I've met who've been hell-burned by less-kind Christians. 

It's not my intention to proselytize. The Divine Light is more than capable of drawing people close to a spirit of hope, redemption, and power. It is my goal simply to point people to that Light, in whatever form they can see it.

This website is an extension of my calling; it is neither the beginning nor the end of it. It's my hope that all of you will soon be pouring in more submissions than I'll know what to do with. While that's building, I plan to begin speaking to others about the positive power and strength of being transgender. 

Someday soon, it's my hope that I'll be speaking to you at conventions and sharing the best of your stories with the most influential people in our community and country.

It's a dream, to be sure ... but I'm convinced that it's a worthy one.