New Year, New Possibilities

New Year, New Possibilities

One of the amazing things I continue to learn about our transgender tribe is how individually unique we all are. As I surf through news articles, FaceBook sites, and blogs it's just incredible how wide a spectrum we are inside of the LBGTQ  "T."

I'm looking forward to how this transtastic diversity will become evident as I continue to post articles in all venues of this website. By the end of 2018, I hope that when someone stops by here, they will see an amazing tribe of creative and unique people. I also hope that when someone wondering IF they're part of our tribe stops by - they'll see that they fit in just because they're so unique.

I was excited to meet with a small group in Maryland who would like to see a regular meeting of LGBTQ positivity happen at The Stag and Oak. In speaking with the owner, Angie, I think there might be possibility for a mini Casa Susanna to start. I'd love to see that!

I'm also working with a doll artist to make some transgender cloth dolls. I think there are parents of trans kids who would love to give a special doll to their child to hang onto in uncertain times and play with in joyful ones.

I have some personal matters than need to be cleared up, but that should be largely done by the end of January. In February, I'm hoping to get involved with Equality Delaware. I'm making no secret that I want to be widely known as the Princess of Transgender Positivity and Cheerleader for all things transgender positive. :-D  

I plan to make 2018 my year of new connections. Who knows - maybe I'll meet YOU!