A Trans-spiritual Christian

A Trans-spiritual Christian

January is in the books!  It was quite a month for me, as I had a lot of personal relationship issues that needed tending. My coming out has been a gradual process, but the past year has certainly ramped up the speed.

I continue to be VERY encouraged by this site and my calling to promote a transgender positive image to the world-at-large. I've seen so many posts on Facebook, Medium, and online articles that tell me there is much room for us to shine more brightly. I've been delighted to attend a few LGBTQ events and look forward to more. Meeting not only my trans tribe but also our other rainbow-cousins has been a real joy. Online is fine, but "IRL" can't be beaten!

On a spiritual note, I've been working on what it means to be a "Trans-spiritual" Christian.

The analogy I'm working with is that of a tree.

Photo by  Stephen Leonardi  on  Unsplash

I am a tree that has Christian roots that sink deep into the soil of that which is Divine. Because of this, my perspectives of the Divine are distinctly Christian, in the same way, an oak tree has its unique size, shape, and characteristics.

There are a lot of other Christian "trees" out there, varieties of oak, so to speak. They have different sizes and shapes but are also rooted in such a way that we see the Divine in a similar way. 

There are also a LOT of other trees in the world that are NOT Christians. Yet, they have roots that sink into the Divine and branches that reach upward. 

To say that I'm a "trans-spiritual" Christian is to say that my branches stretch out to touch any other person whose spiritual roots are deep and branches are spread wide. They experience the Divine in a different way because their environment and legacy are different. Rather than shy away from that, I embrace it. Not a one of us has a corner on all that is Divine. It seems the better thing to me to understand how others relate to spiritual truths in order to gain a better understanding of Divine Truth.