Celebrating Trans-Positive Life!

Salina's Cartoons

I've cartooned off and on throughout the years. Often, it was just simple sketches to amuse co-workers. Sometimes I became inspired to draw strips more like what one would see in newspapers (remember those things?). With the advent of computer art technology, I've been able to electronically draw cartoons for online magazines and to supplement my own blogs. Featured here is some of my work.

It’s hard to say what have been my most popular or favorite cartoons, but this one received several hundred “shares” and “likes” on Facebook Transgender Awareness Day.

TDOV Graphic 2019-1.png

I’ve done a few other pieces of graphic artwork. Here are a few:


These are some featured in the online publication Frock Magazine for several months. These are a few of my favorites.

Another series I work one was "Cross Rhodes."  It features Ralph Rhodes, a cross-dresser who is kicked out of his girlfriend's home when she discovers that he's been wearing her clothes. Ralph then begins a new life journey where he meets other in the transgender and LGBTQ community. I enjoy looking at the progression of both the artwork and characters. I hope to come back to this one day. I think it has a lot of promise as a political cartoon in the genre of Doonsbury and Bloom County.