Celebrating Trans-Positive Life!
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My name is Jason and I'm a 16 year old trans business owner. I started knitting pride flags in mid 2016 as rehab from wrist surgery. I began selling them to raise money for the Australian marriage equality campaign. It then turned into my way of supporting my transition. My online store is proudknitting.fwscart.com


Welcome to Reconnecting Rainbows!  We’re a social enterprise specialising in LGBT-QQIN-DSAP2+* equality, inclusion and wellbeing.

 * That’s lesbiangaybisexualtransqueer,questioningintersexnonbinary,demisexualskoliosexualasexualpansexual and two-spirit people… PLUS anyone else who wants to be included under our ‘Rainbow’ umbrella!

Visit us here: Reconnecting Rainbows


Waiting for YOU!

Do you have a small business, or sell items on sites like Etsy or eBay - let me know! I'd like to feature your work here.  transtasticyou@gmail.com