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It all started when …

…I came out as transgender. I knew that I wanted to accomplish more than simply be my authentic self, I wanted to make a difference in the transgender and greater LGBTQ+ community.

As I began looking around websites and speaking with transgender people, it became evident that there are not a lot products that are targeted towards trans people. Online, I found a FaceBook forum for the parents of transgender kids. On it were so many very loving mothers who were struggling with how to help their child work through their gender identity issues.

A cartoon I drew for moms of trans kids.

A cartoon I drew for moms of trans kids.

I’d come out in the middle of my life. My childhood years didn’t have the language, culture, and medical community awareness that kids do, today. What could I offer that would be both a tool and something a child would enjoy? It was then that the doll idea came to me - a transgender doll!

Expecting that SURELY someone else had come up with this idea, I searched the Internet for something that fit the picture in my head. I found some odd things, but nothing as adorable and love-filled as what would become the Transtastic You!! Doll that we have, today.

I found, Eszter, a Hungarian doll artist who is able to take my ideas and stitch them into a beautiful reality.

Each doll is unique and handmade. No two are alike. I like that - I think it speaks to who we ALL are as human beings, but I think it has a special connection to those of us who are somewhere in-between or outside of the the binary genders of male and female.


These unique and adorable transgender/gender-identity dolls have TWO sides!

One side is a bright-eyed boy and the other is a precious girl. Sewn together with the handcrafted love of a skilled doll artist, these Transtastic You dolls are a delightful mix of the little girl and boy we all have within us.

Any child working through their gender identity will adore this doll! 

There is NO OTHER DOLL that combines the tender gender expressions of both a boy and girl in one doll. It is the ideal expression of the heart of a transgender child. 

These dolls are exceptionally popular with counselors & teachers who specializing gender identity and with moms & dads looking for that "extra special gift" to say "I love WHO you are, boy or girl or someone in-between."

Constructed of all-natural fabrics and fibers, the Transtastic You doll incorporates tight, durable machine stitching to hold the body intact with the loving care of hand-stitching to add the accents. 

The doll is tightly packed with batting, but sewn to allow swing movement with the hands and feet. 

Accompanying the doll is a laminated story card to help your child give the doll its own unique identity. It also includes a photo of the actual doll and is signed and numbered by Salina Brett to prove its authenticity.

Birthday, Christmas, or other special occasions - this doll is THE perfect gift for your transgender child.