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This site is dedicated to creating and promoting a transgender positive world.

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(June 2018 update) When Transtastic You!! first went live in January, I had hoped to make it a place for the trans community to share who we are. Turns out sites for trans* people are booming! Yay!  Also, my own LGBTQ+ and TG advocacy roles are expanding quickly. Another "Yay!"  So - I'll be modifying Transtastic You!! over the next few weeks to something more personal. I want those of you who meet me in person to have an idea of all I hope to achieve. Thanks for your encouragement and support in SO many ways. 


Transtastic Tales

A collection of news articles, stories, art, literature, and family tips that highlight our transgender best.

(under construction)

Advice for parents of transgender children

Accidental Parenting - The partner of a transgender woman talks about stepping into the role of mother.

The Light Love of the LGBTQ Community

Transtastic You Dolls

Boy on one side and girl on the other - these lovingly handcrafted dolls are THE PERFECT GIFT for your transgender child or as a TEACHING TOOL for educators and therapists!

Wow! Isn't life hard enough just being a teen, much less trans??  See the world through the amazing hearts of trans-teens.

Corey Maison Anti-Bullying Message

Spiritual and psychological perspectives on transgender wellness

God Doesn't Have Boobs - Laurie Suzanne Scott

Links to products created or sold by transgender entrepreneurs. 

My thoughts on where Light is shining brightest in our community and where more illumination is needed

All Are (Mostly) Welcome Here - LGBTQ People and the Christian Church