Transtastic You
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Transtastic You!

by Salina Brett

Transgender people have superpowers!

We have the special ability to experience the gender spectrum and see humanity in a way that is both profound and unique. We also identify and connect with the Divine Light in a remarkable way. The ongoing tragedy is that most of us spend our days as an uninformed Clark Kent or Diana Prince, leading lives completely unaware of our full potential. The result is that many of us live inside the closets of our hearts, much like Harry Potter in his cupboard room under the stairs. The time has come for this to change.

Imagine an owl flying toward your home.

It delivers a letter through the mail slot of your door, or through your window, or down your chimney. You open it. It reads like this:

Hello, Transtastic YOU!

Throw open the closet door of your heart and turn on a floodlight. Behind that clutter of fear and doubt and insecurity are superpowers you have yet to fully realize, and wow, are they AMAZING!

Transtastic You — You are inherently different from the majority of the human population. Too long have you listened to the voices that berate and demean you for being different. Now is time to cast aside your cloak of obscurity and to stand upon your difference as a pillar of strength. Being different is to stand out, stand up, and be seen. When you stand upon your pillar of different, others lift their heads to see you. When they do, you have the unique opportunity to crush stereotypes and advocate for a passion of authenticity that is both uniquely yours and connected to all of your trans brother-sisters. Many success-wannabes strive to find a way to stand out, to be different, to be noticed. The Divine Light has inherently gifted you with that superpower.

Transtastic You — You are courage. Every single thing you do to break your socially-imposed gender identity is an act of courage. It may be as small and hidden as the underclothing you wear or as bold as marching in the streets for Transgender Rights. Regardless if you scrape with a spoon or scoop with a shovel, you are courageously digging out of your prison cell. Every spoonful of gender-barrier you scoop away is another scoop that breaks down that wall. Together, with your trans brother-sisters, you are moving all of us toward freedom.

Transtastic You — you are creativity. You have a keen eye for social behavior. You notice motion, mannerisms, style, inflections, and pitch of voice. You are acutely aware of social interactions. This is a superpower of Awareness. You can read subtle meanings others will miss in a conversation or a social setting.

You are also have the superpower of Creative Expression, unbound by the rules of social norms. You are disconnected from a socially-assigned gender identity. You can conceive and express yourself in a unique and amazing way, regardless if that is done alone in a bedroom, using words, or paint, or sculptures, or in front of a microphone on a public stage.

These combined superpowers of Awareness and Creative Expression help you to live outside the closet of binary gender identity and outside the box of social norms. You can see the world in a way others do not. You stand atop a mountain vista, awed by the scene of human diversity and can express it in a creative, beautiful, and amazing way.

Transtastic You — you are spirit. You have a connectivity to the Divine Light that most of the human population does not. You are at once a combination of all genders and not confined to any of them. In this way, your spirit is a human likeness of the all-gender/no-gender essence of the Divine Light, the source and power of our universe that cannot be contained by a mere shell of clay.

You are keenly aware of what it is to live small, huddled inside the closet of your heart, fearful to speak and live authentically. This is your superpower of Divine Empathy. You feel the depths of trouble and joys of your trans brother-sisters, and all those within the greater LGBTQ community, and EVERY human being who is hidden within abusive relationships, hostile work-environments, restrictive religions, and more.

This superpower of Divine Empathy allows you to seek to understand before being understood. You can easily extend a love-infused hand to all who peer out from a crack-in-the-door of their heart’s cupboard beneath the stairs. You know what it is to be imprisoned in such a way, and you share the knowledge and/or experience of what such freedom does or will do to liberate you soul. Whether you extend your hand of peace as a hidden trans brother-sister or a fully-revealed Transtastic You, the Divine Light shines more brightly in our universe by your actions.

Transtastic You here is your mantra. Speak it as you stare intently into a mirror and search for the spark of Divine Light that is ready to ignite your soul.

Fiercest day or darkest night, nothing dims Transtastic Light

I am Courage. I am Spirit.

I am Creative Authenticity.

Ignoring all that others see, I am …


— — — — — — — — — — —

Transgender people routinely face incredible pressures and condemnations from society, loved ones, and their own spirits. Violence and suicide are alarmingly high for our population, and because of it, this is what receives so much press. The publicized positive aspects of being transgender are few and far between. I wrote this piece because I believe every word in it, and I want it to be a letter-oasis of hope to those in deserts of despair.

I am transgender, trans-spiritual, and transformative. Transtastic You is an outgrowth of the ever-brightening illumination of my faith life.